The Devils Official Take on 06/06/06

Ok kids, don’t mean to rain on your parade of world ending calamity, But 06/06/06 is meaningless. It’s actually 06/06/2006. We truncate the 20 because apparently people are unable to manage four digits all at once. And it’s based on a calendar that didn’t exist at the time that I was thrown from heaven and tossed into The Great Pit. It’s a number conjured from a calendar that’s based on the timelines listed within the bible using christs death as it’s pivot point created years after his death. In the entire scope of good and evil, religion and philosophy, a truncated number, pulled from a meaningless calendar based on an unverified timeline does less for me than the new Subway commercials with John Lovitz. This 06/06/06 nonsense will be even more anticlimatic than the whole Y2K end of the world stuff. Hope you all still have your bottled water and spam.

Yours Laciviously