thomas update

Well, I’m home, and bearing not-so-good news.

We go in, and Dr Goebel said that he like to see the transplant done within the year. Then over the course of discussion, he decided that Christmas vacation would be good – it wouldn’t wreck Thomas’ summer vacation, and it would give him two or three weeks’ recovery before school started (but he’ll be home schooled for six weeks after; Jane is a retired teacher, so that base is covered).

Thomas’ vitals were good. His blood pressure was 116/43, his pulse 69. He weights 125 pounds, and he’s 5’4 1/4″ (he’s grown 3/4″ since March 6th). On the down side, his creatinine level has gone up from 4.2 (in March) to 4.9. The new med he’s on helped some, but not near enough. His kidney function is down to 25% (roughly 12.5% per kidney – 10% is low enough for transplantation). (Creatinine and Creatinine Clearance information –

So, we go back some time within the next four to six weeks, if not sooner – it depends on his bloodwork. Thomas has a battery of tests and so forth he has to go through at the main Children’s Hospital. And I have to go. I’ll be getting a CAT-scan ran – this will determine whether I have two kidneys, that they’re in the right place, that the arteries are all where they’re supposed to be, etc, etc.

Then after that, that’s when the ball starts rolling really fast. We’ll both be in and out for testing pretty much right up until the date of surgery. As for a date, I can’t give you one yet, because our testing process has just started. For now, just pray that everything involved in the testing process goes well.

You can learn about Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome here:

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