have fun!

Thomas and Tayler are off at ICTHUS this weekend (Fri-Sun), then off to church camp tomorrow until the twenty-fourth. Thomas was actually excited; he’d never gone to ICTHUS before, and he’d never asked to go to church camp. Then again, he and Tayler both have gotten a lot more active in their church lately; Tayler had been, for a long time, then dropped off, but from what I’ve seen they both get along really well with one of the pastors and his family – I’m not sure if it’s the youth pastor or someone else. Thomas does a lot of work in their yard and garden for them, I do know that; he’s gotten really big on this whole “horticulture” thing lately – he’s taking “green house” at the vocational school next fall.

Don’t know what ICTHUS means? Go here. 😉

I used to do the ICTHUS thing back in high school, after I started going to 17th Street Christian – before that, I’d never heard of it. Of course, back then, the festival was itty bitty and seemed like all the festival-goers knew each other. And it always rained. Back then, the festival was held on the last weekend of March – and was until this year. And it always rained. Which is one of the reasons the festival was moved to this weekend this year. IMHO, it just won’t be the same without the rain, the wind, and the tornado warnings. Last year’s festival almost got blown away; Tayler said that it was, “Awesome!”

In other news, I just remembered that they told me their Bibles had gotten tattered and shabby; we need to get them new ones. Their Bibles are really cool, though; I wish there was an adult version – Extreme Teen Bible: No Fears, No Regrets, Just a Future with a Promise. I keep thinking I want one of them for myself to poke through. (No, no, I’ve not been replaced by an alien! I promise!)