somewhere, the gods are laughing

Okay, so I’m tooling around the National Kidney Foundation website for Donor Families and run across an order form for different supplies (coffee cups, Kelli the Teddi, Christmas tree ornaments, brochures and other hand-outs, etc). It dawns on me – after, what, five years? – that the NKF symbol is a butterfly. Yeah, it’s shaped like a kidney and is meant to look like a kidney. But it’s a fucking butterfly.


For the last half hour, I’ve alternately cried and wondered if the gods were pulling a fast one on me – and if they have been for most of my life.

See, I’ve always loved butterflies. Something about them is just special. Well, then when we were trying to decide upon a name for my Gwyddon group, I wanted College of the SilverWheel, in honor of Arianrhod, but the name was too close to my teacher’s group, College of the Silvering Wheel. So, someone suggested College of the Blue Butterfly. I took it. Literal Welsh translation is Coleg am y Glas Pili-pala.

Butterflies are seen worldwide in different cultures as symbolic of the soul, or even carriers of the soul.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this post, but my mind is just a mess right now.

[heavily x-posted due to bizarre factor]