thomas update!

[spammed all over the net]

July 24th – is going to be a very busy day. Come to find out, it took so long to organize because the hospital was having issues with David’s insurance for some reason.

Thomas has stuff to do, and I’ll be having a CAT-Scan. My test is at 9:30am. I have to be there at 9am; they said I’d be finished at 10:30. Debbie read off a long list of things I can and can’t do can and can’t eat, but she’s sending me a letter that will have all that on it – even though I wrote everything down and stuck it here on the monitor.

After we’re both finished at the hospital in Cincinnati, we’ll cross the river and go to the clinic in Kentucky to see Dr Goebel. Then, at one, there’s more to do, and again more stuff at five. :eye rollage:

I’ll keep everyone updated!