back from CCH!

Well, I’m back!!

It took two tries to get the IV in, but that’s usual. It’s no problem to start an IV in either of my hands, but they told me they power-inject the contrast, so they had to put it in my arm. So, they tried in my left arm; it’s a wreck right now; all sorts of pretty colors! The right arm worked like a charm. I didn’t even feel the needle (20 gage!) go in, nor did I feel the water flush – but man oh man I felt the contrast!! (with the left arm, they coudn’t even get it to flush or get me to bleed through the needle, so) But I have incredibly thin and fickle veins – and the ones that look fat are all rolypoly and hidey. :eye roll:

Anyway. They did their thing. And with all the Prednisone and Benadryl in my system, I almost dozed off several times – although I couldn’t because I had to hold my breath several times. (They ran two – one without contrast and one without)

The lab techs said that everything looked perfect to them, and they sent the scan on to our surgery team.

After this, I had to go around for an X-ray to make sure the contrast was washing through my kidneys and bladder like it was supposed to be. It was, so I got to leave.

It took longer for them to finagle around with my veins than it did for them to do the scans and x-ray! LOL

So now, we wait for the next step, but at least we know when that’s going to be – September 22 for me and Thomas both. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!