in laws

Art and Jan are coming up tomorrow for the afternoon. I spent today doing the whole flight of the bumblebee routine cleaning the house – I hadn’t really touched it much except for “must dos” since just before my back went out in June :warped:) – and I gave Grey Lady a bath. Hell, I even dusted all of the baseboards (that I could reach/get to)! I think the only thing I didn’t do was clean the tub and dust the dining room ceiling fan and then mostly because I ran out of steam.

Grey Lady’s pissed as fuck. She’s not really spoken to me much since just after dinner. She was already pissed because she got stuck eating her dinner out of my Correll cereal bowls – she demands her own bowls and her Garfield “cat mat”. (Her mat, her waterbowl, and her food bowl had to run through the dishwasher, and she hates that; she stands at the dishwasher and cries, and if she sees her stuff in there, it’s even worse. “Hey man, that’s my stuff in there! Momma! That’s my stuff in there!”) And then, to add insult to injury, I tossed her afgan into the wash that I did tonight. So now she’s in there curled up asleep on her bed sans afgan – and yes, she’s fuming in her sleep; I can tell. :angry:

It’s horrible, but this will be the first time we’ve seen Preston’s parents since…I want to say some time between his birthday last year and Thanksgiving – so some time last October or November. :headdesk: The way Art’s been sick, and he was still working at the time, it’s been hard for them to get up here. And we don’t trust my car to make the trip. Well, we trust it to get us to Harlan; we just don’t trust it to get us back home. 😦

I told Preston that I should have told Art when I talked to him the other day that they should keep room open for extra-extra time. We have to have Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday, their anniversary, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day, our anniversary, and possibly his birthday (two months’ early) – oh yeah, and the Fourth of July while they’re here. :phew:

And then, tomorrow evening, we Gwyddons celebrate the Full Moon. (yeah, I know a week late, but whaddayagonnado??)


I said in e-mail:

Preston wrote back: Oh lord… now that is a wild party!!

I wrote back: So, we get my Santa Clause out and decorate him with that small string of lights and those tiny ornaments my mom got me – he works for Fourth of July, too, since he is the Spirit of Liberty Santa. While I’m doing that, you can take my crayons and make some hand-turkeys to hang around the house – oh, and get some coffee filters and cut out snowflakes. I’ll get some construction paper and cut out some Valentine hearts and party hats. Both of us can dye a dozen eggs and bake an all-inclusive cake. Am I missing anything?

Preston wrote back: Fireworks? For the 4th AND new years?

I wrote back: Damn! I forgot New Years!