since the writing blog is broken…

… all that is getting dumped here! :warped:

Am still wondering how I got this last short finished or even started at all. Everyone who’s read it so far has liked it, so that’s a definite plus. I’m still not sure how it’ll hold up to the other stories in the anthology–it’s got a bit of sci-fi thrown in there, but it’s not straight horror, either; it leans more heavily toward fantasy (it’s a reworking of the last part of the myth of Arianrhod). I’m still biting my nails, especially given the folks whose company I’m sharing the anthology with, and will until I have my contributor’s copy in my hands come December…

Have no idea what I’m going on about? Read here!

I keep telling people – “I think in novels”. I’ve only done the two shorts, both because of Jason, and both have been a large exercise in bohica for me. 🙄 I don’t know; maybe if he keeps pushing–:snort:–he’ll make a short fiction writer out of me after all. Thing is, I just don’t know how wired my brain is in or for that particular direction. Who was it who told me just last week that when they think of/write short fiction, they think of a whole piece from beginning to end, but write only the middle? Which, given how short fiction works, that totally makes sense. We’re only given a snapshot of a person’s life, whereas in novel-length fiction, we’re given an entire scrapbook and possibly a journal or three or twelve, per se.

For those of you who keep up with my daily/weekly writing metrics and are wondering where the ones for the last six weeks are, don’t panic. I’m still writing. Besides, at this point, quite a few people, including Brian Keene, would break my fingers if I went whole-hog and tossed in the towel. Trust me, that’s not happening! I have too many plots, scenes, and characters doing the Harlan Vampire Samba through my brain (and occasionally medula oblongata) for me to walk away from any of this now. I’d never be sane nor have another moment’s peace in my life. Besides, I’ve promised entirely too many people I’d wave to them when I get on Oprah. :smirk: :beatshead:

In other news, I’m on the fast track to interviewing R. Thomas Riley for Apex Online and reviewing his Through the Glass Darkly, all as part of our Featured Writers series. Both will be available on the site September 7th.

And just for the record, I’m actually in the process of buying my own domain name and domain hosting. The writing blog address and the address of my author pages will be changing in the near future*. But I will give a heads’ up so that no one gets lost nor left behind. Of course, the new domain will be “” unless I can think of something clever along a Harlan Vampire vein (pun intended!) in the meantime. (:snort: It looks like is open…)

*but not BlueMoon Journal, this blog. This blog is staying put. At least for now.