crash update

I just found out – my fahter in law called – that the man who owned Finley’s Fun Center (rollerskating, arcade, that kind of thing) in London and Danville was on the plane. I didn’t skate much at Finley’s in London, but I knew Mike. All the kids who kne him called him “Uncle Mike”.

We’re trying to find out whether someone Preston works with was on the flight or not.

It’s a mess, and it’s all just the same news over and over – on the radio and on the tv. :sigh:

[7pm – eta that Art had told me that some folks from Harlan County were on the plane, too, but until I heard the names being listed on the news a few minutes ago, that didn’t really sink in. I still don’t know who those particular people were; hearing “from Harlan County” drowned out their names.]