sugar’s passed away

This is for all of you who have read or have a copy of Midnight – or have seen my Harlan County collection of photographs at Flickr – or who knew Sugar.

My mother-in-law called Friday evening with the news that Sugar had passed away overnight after an all too brief illness. Sugar refused to eat or be touched and cried for the last hours of her life. She hid herself away as my in-laws were getting ready for bed Thursday evening. My father-in-law found her dead when they got up Friday morning.

She had a long, happy life. Art adopted her from the Harlan Animal Hospital when she was somewhere between three and four months old. Since we weren’t sure, I pegged her birthday as Thanksgiving to make it easily kept up with. She would have been eleven this Thanksgiving.

You can view a picture of her here: . It’s a very apt picture, too. LOL We always accused her of being a reincarnated (reincatnated??) Baptist – that cat loved chicken! In the picture, she’s standing in a box that carried Christmas goodie bags from my in-law’s church (First Baptist Church, Baxter, KY). I’ve always called this picture “First Bapticat”.

We love you, Sugar!!! :heart:

[some of you will get this twice or more; i apologize]