i’m hooome!

I’m home. And I look and feel like a fucking pin cushion.

My blood sugar’s shot all to fuck. I had to fast for 12 hours before my appointment – so, from 9:30 to 9:30 – for the “fasting blood glucose test”. No big deal right? They didn’t do the first blood draw until 12:30!! I told them I was dying and just go ahead and kill me. They had to do THREE MORE draws – and we didn’t do the last one until 2:45!

I get to collect my pee for 24 hours starting at noon on Sunday! :headdesk: Jane (the ex mother in law) laughed and said, “Just don’t get confused and take them your orange juice!” (the collection container is almost the same size and shape! OY!) (monday morning is going to be a scream!)

Let’s see…What else I did today…

I was weighed, measured, had my blood pressure taken, had an EKG done, had two x-rays (one left front, one left side – to ascertain kidney position), had a tb skin test done…Was told to lose the ten pounds I’d gained. :eye rollage:

I see the actual doctor Monday afternoon at 2:40.

As for Thomas. He’s grown a smidge, lost a couple of pounds, his blood pressure is still good. Oh, and I swear he’s gained a few more freckles! On the down side, his total kidney function is down to 21% (he qualifies for the donor list at 20%). Dr Goebel said that he looks terrific right now, even though he didn’t look so terrific back in July or June. What happens next and when all depends on my tests and the bloodwork Thomas had done today.