harlan county horror

This just in from the ApexBorg:

You guys/gals think you know everything going on with Apex? Nah, you just see the tip of the ‘berg!

One big project that has been coalescing is something called Harlan County Horror, edited by Mari Adkins and Jason Sizemore. This will be an anthology of short fiction based and set in Harlan County, Kentucky. It’s slated to come out the summer of 2007.

Harlan is a weird place. Ask Mari. As I like to say, she’s written 400,000 words and three books trying to purge the place from her system.

We’ve got most of the lineup verified. It’s a nice mix of regional big stars and new/unknown writers who will be making their first appearances in a cool anthology.

Who’s in:

Mari, Queen of Harlan, Adkins
Cherie Priest
Scott Nicholson
Weston Ochse
Robby Sparks
Kim Colley
Debbie Kuhn
Michele Freel
Alethea Kontis
Mary Robinette Kowal
Geoffrey Girard

There’s one spot open and Mari and Jason are awaiting a response.