retyping hell

Yesterday I started retyping Elders. The stuff that had actually been saved and recoverable was from waaaaay back in March and pretty much useless. So I have the printouts sitting here on my desk, along with the handwritten additions. What’s missing, though, are several scenes that I never got a chance to print out–including a particularly poignant scene between Sami and Phillip at the end of the story. I sat down and cried yesterday when I realized I’d lost that.

So yeah. I have parts that I have to rewrite thanks to the lords of the hard drive crash. I can’t say I’m handling either point very well. The things I’m rewriting just aren’t coming out with the same…”flava”. And then there are the scenes I know I lost, but I can’t remember what they were. :headdesk:

Anyway. With both myself and Preston tackling this retyping job, I do still hope to get Elders out to first readers around the first of November…