preston and i chatted about heir

Preston and I had a chat about Heir last year, when it was still in developmental stages. Here’s a repost of that discussion:

Q – Knowing what I know about Michael from the second book, when they go to Sugar Run late that night (in the first book) and Sami exclaims that she used to have picnics there when she was younger, I almost see it as an attempt to connect by Michael to the youth he didn’t get to experience with her, because he already knows how she is to him.
A – Thing is, Michael was driving by Sugar Run as that was the closest route to take from Middlesborough to his house out in Bum Fuck. Although, since you mentioned it, in retrospect his conversation with Sami about family would more qualify for what you’re discussing here. Remember, vampires are telepathic. So Michael heard Sami wondering to herself why she had almost yelled “Mom” when she was scared. He said that she never spoke about her family, but he could hear the things she left unsaid. This is, of course, why he left the room so quickly, when otherwise he wouldn’t have dreamed of leaving her alone and upset.

We see a glimpse of his knowing her in the first book when he introduces her to the Family gathered around the dining room table, when he says, “Everyone, this is Samantha.” You get a sense that he’s discussed her with them, or at least with some of them, at some point. I always felt that she missed the inflection in his voice when he said “this is Samantha”, particularly given her mood and emotional state at the time–and perhaps because he wanted her to miss it? And I feel that maybe the “dark-haired girl” who touches Sami’s arm is Elissa from the second book.

Q – Michael gave Sami more than she realized when she became the new Elder. And at some point, might she realize that…the act of transferring his power is what began his decline in vitality? Will we see a steady decline in Michael’s vitality as well as realization from Sami that this is happening?
A – Yes, Michael begins to decline the night he and Sami exchange blood and energy; we see the outward, physical signs in the way he looks and behaves. Of course, as time goes on, Sami does understand that something is wrong, but she doesn’t see just what until it’s too late. The realization likely comes in retrospect. (ie, I’ve not gotten this written yet!)

Q – At some point does Sami begin to realize exactly how much power she gained from Michael? Not secular power, but real spiritual magical power…vampiric power.
A – Of course she does! 😀

Q – How are Houses identified? Do they have names? Are the names based on the person who is their leader?
A – Well, there would be no true Family identity or continuity if the House names changed with each new Elder every thirty or forty years. Houses are named according to Family identity and heritage. For example, “Michael’s” House is called Anethdraeg, which is a bastardized Anglicization of annedd and draig, house and dragon in Welsh, respectively; even though the family bloodline is more likely English, they seem to identify more strongly with Welsh heritage.

Q – The mysterious other House in the area that Michael mentioned once in the first book and never mentioned again–anything about this in the future?
A – Perhaps. :warped: