two wrong things

1. I turned off the dvd player after watching The Day After Tomorrow only to hear, “And now, WLEX-18 Storm Tracker Weather with Bill Meck.”

2. While I was eating my dinner, Grey Lady was being a pest. A bigger pest than usual. It was pork chops, and she loves a good chop. She begged and begged for a bite – or hell, a whole chop to herself. So I ended up giving her several, then started telling her she was being rude and to sit quietly, please. She ignored me. MOW! MOW! MOW!

Well, I got interested in what was happening on Seinfeld and didn’t really pay attention to Miz Thang. So when I felt itty bitty paws on my leg, I didn’t pay attention to those, either – her front feet are very soft and declawed. But then I felt fur against my arm. What the hell? I turned my head back around, and there she was. Pretty as a picture. She was sitting on my leg with her front feet on the table and was looking around, surveying what I had to eat.

It’s really hard to bust ass while you’re cracking up.