mine eyes

The good news is that I’ve not gone even more blind. The bad news is that the visual acuity in my left eye – the one plagued with dry AMD – has decided that it must catch up and be just as horrid as the visual acuity in my right eye. In other words, my vision in that eye has failed just enough to make me think that my AMD had gotten worse. The vision in my right eye hasn’t changed. And the AMD hasn’t changed; that’s five years now with no change.

At one point, we had a moment of my going, “Um, what eye chart, John?” That’s always good for a laugh – and this time it was true. I’d taken my contacts out, and he’d not put the lens thingie back in front of my face. :snort:

Gods, it was so stupid. Before we ever left the house, I came into the office to close the mini-blind behind the computer and rammed into the desk. And at the eye doctor, on the way into the exam room with Dr Simpson, I ran right into the wall. The wall! :shakes head: Leave it to me. 🙄

In other news. After we left Dr Simpson’s, we stopped into the Regency Road Kroger. On the way in, I looked up and saw “Pet Supermarket”, so we went in. I’ve searched all over town for Grey Lady a new corner comb since we moved and had to leave her other one; poor thing has begged for a new corner comb. Low and behold and praise be to all gods mighty and holy, the Pet Supermarket had her corner comb! So we bought one. When we got home, I told her we had something special for her, and the little shit recognized the box! :warped: She turned in circles and went completely wrong side out waiting for me to unbox it, fill the little pouches with catnip, and affix it to the wall in the kitchen. Then, she rubbed and rubbed and rubbed – on me and the corner comb. Happy Bird!