harlan memory

I can’t remember exactly when this happened, but it was during the four years I lived in Loyall with Preston and his parents. The house was full of people. His parents, us, one of his aunts, two (?) of his cousins. I stayed in the bedroom mostly because I don’t do large groups of people well, and partly because one of his cousins and I never got along well.

Well, they hauled out the 50s and 60s edition SongBurst and started playing. That’s always good for a laugh, no matter whose team you’re on. So, I’m sitting there in the bedroom, and I hear from the kitchen,

Before the day I met you,
Life was so unkind
You’re the key to my piece of mind

Cause you make me feel
You make me feel
You make me feel like a natural woman (woman)

– belted out by Preston and his cousin PJ…