this was so sweet

Louise Bohmer posted this last night, and I just have to share it:

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LOL! That’s it! I have to make this analogy, which came to me while folding clothes, I might add. And don’t bug me that this sounds “fluffy” or I’ll hunt you down and poke your eye out! LOL

Mari reminds me of Eeyore. You know, from Winnie the Pooh? ;D hehe I mean this as a compliment, btw. LOL I knew a lady, back home in BC, who just loved Eeyore to bits and pieces, but she was a tough as nails woman who used to work putting those pre-fab houses together for a living. Anyhoo, much like Eeyore, and Mari, she was no nonsense and realistic about life, but still had the sweetest heart of gold, and was always there to help a friend. *Awwwwwww* LOL

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