writing again

I have to give enormous hugs and kudos to my friend Sheila. We’re both part of NaNoWriYe – actually, I dragged her there :chuckle: – and we’ve checked in with each other every day this year to see how far we’ve gotten in our writing projects. And honestly, I’ve done piss poor. Of course, the flu I started the year off with hasn’t done me any favors. :barf: But at least this week, I’ve done my best to put forth some effort into writing again. (My spreadsheet is telling me that, at my current rate, I’ll reach my 2007 goal February 10, 2009 – yesterday, it was August 13, 2018! :warped:)

Anyway. Sheila and I were talking just after lunch today, and she challenged me to a write-off. The goal was to start with the same exact sentence and come up with at least five thousand words by Monday, when we’ll “show our work” and see how far we’ve gotten.

I’ve churned out 2100 words since 1pm. :flexes muscles: Her challenge was the exact push I’ve needed to get myself back into my groove. ~0)

Too, comments and crits on Elders have started to come from my first readers. Whoohoo! Rewrites, ahoy! 😀