mari update

Unless Kathy calls and says otherwise within the next twelve hours, I have an appointment to see my internist again tomorrow at 2:20 at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. I’ve done well, although not as well as I wanted to. I’ve lost 15# and two jeans sizes since Sept 25th; I’d hoped to lose more weight, but it appears I’ve gained even more muscle mass. I wish they’d throw those stupid BMI charts out the window! LOL I was supposed to have a mammogram tomorrow, too, but that was canceled by the mammography department on Friday – something about equipment failure – so I have to reschedule that.

If I have any news when I get home tomorrow, will post again.

((just for the record: I’m sick of this whole BMI bullshit. Even when I was uberthin, my body never conformed to those insane, unrealistic height/weight charts. Pisses me off.))