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I feel …
by: Mari Adkins
July 1998

I feel my heart digging
its own grave
I can see the world
crumbling around me
As what once sparkled
now fades in the sunset
of the beauty
that was us
As I turn my back
and walk quietly away
Slipping into the past
like a tired, forgotten daydream
I can feel you as
close as a breath
near as a whisper
Unrealized tomorrows
stretching out into time
burying my heart forever
in the heat and the
emotion that was
me and you
consumed by the
clouds of memory and time …


Night Has a Voice
by: Mari Adkins
Spring 2006

I stood there
the wooden boards
beneath my feet
the night
around my body

It’s been much too long
since I’ve been
out in the night
tasted its mysteries
felt its embrace

The night has a voice
It speaks in a whisper
The night has a body
Its hands and fingers
are the wind

For the forest is long
and the night is deep
The rest is silence


by: Mari Adkins

Your body asked mine
a question and
mine answered,
Your saltwater tears
intermingled with mine
as entangled as our bodies,
your blood wrote
poetry in my veins.

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