So after my mad chapter rearranging and timeline straightening-up, I was mentally drained last night. I started on this insane project at 2pm and finished at 11pm.

Right now, the story is sitting at 77,994 words completed and 372 pages. And I’m nowhere near finished. It should round itself out at 38 chapters – not counting the prologue and epilogue (which is going to be a monster! all that wrapping up to do! four scenes! :beathead:).

This leaves me with 15 chapters either to write or to finish up and the epilogue to write. I do have one scene in the epilogue written, but only because I lifted it from the Elders epilogue and gave the action to someone else. Two of those chapters I need to write? I don’t have notes for – I just have “to write” on the timeline sheet. :smash:

And people wonder why writers are insane and drink to excess! DUH! :warped: Anybody who wants to bring me beer or take me out for beer most appreciated! 😀 :heart: 😀