thomas update

Got a call from Jane tonight while we were on our way out to dinner. She said she’d had a long call with Debbie, our transplant coordinator. Thomas’ kidney function is down to 20%, which we knew, which it’s been down to for a while now. They’re going through the process to get him on the national cadaver donor list. Debbie has to work with Thomas’ insurance company to make sure he’s covered on a moment’s notice and so forth. Once that’s done, he’ll be ready to put on the list. Thomas has to go down to the clinic on Monday to have blood drawn to have sent to UCCMC (er…Cincinnati Children’s Hospital).

This means that when the call comes through – no matter what time of day or night – Jane and Thomas have to hot foot it up to the hospital and prep for surgery. She said she was going to start sleeping with the telephone next to her head because sometimes she just doesn’t hear it ring!

Jane said she’s going to get an extra suitcase with changes of clothes and toiletries to keep in the trunk of her car. That way, when the call comes through, all they have to do is jump into the car and go.

I’ll keep everyone posted.