favorite phrase of the day

Favorite Phrase of the Day:

[disclaimer: this is an excerpt of my fourth book and may contain spoilers if you’ve not read any of the prior three]

She kissed his cheek. “You’re a smart man, Tristan Partin.” In the kitchen, she blinked in the harsh, bright light. She stood in the corner made by the basement door beneath the front stairs and the family room wall watching her family move around the kitchen. Tea was served, more water boiled, cinnamon toast broiled in the oven. Everything seemed so normal, she could squint her eyes and almost pretend the year hadn’t passed, that they had all just celebrated Ruthie’s sixty-third birthday. Almost. Without Mick there, without his presence at either the table or leaned against the center island, without his dark eyes sparkling with some inane unspoken joke, without his magical, musical laughter, the entire house felt hollow. Not soulless. Just empty.

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