That headache I gave myself working on two chapters at once? Abated. Although supplanted by an allergy-sinus headache. :heavy sigh:

Anyway. Those two chapters. At one point yesterday and the evening before those two chapters spread out into working on three chapters at once. Oy vey! I can’t stress enough how wrong it is to do something like this! Still, I finished the two, continuing work on the one.

Daybreak is almost “finished”, though. Almost. I still have to wrap up chapter 36, write three more chapters, and write some scenes for the epilogue.

After that comes the fun of printing out the stuff I don’t have print outs for and sitting down with the manuscript and an inkpen and a very critical, unbiased eye. Then typing up all the additions, corrections, etc, etc.

And then fine people, all my wondermous first readers get to take a crack at it and tell me everything that’s lovely and everything that’s horribly wrong. :rose: Soon, folks. Very soon. I’m still shooting for the first of September.


In ApexWorld news, I finished reading and turned in my review for DL Snell’s Roses of Blood on Barbwire Vines. I’ve finished reading M Christian’s The Very Bloody Marys and am working on the review. Will read Strawberry Man likely tomorrow while doing the onerous laundry task and then tackle the review for that. Then I’ll start on the Ray Bradbury. :banana: