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I had the best dream this morning.

[blockquote]* Each year in early August, Corbin hosts a festival called NIBROC (Corbin spelled backwards) featuring open-air concerts, carnival attractions, a beauty pageant, parade, and other events. The festival is featured, if anachronistically, in the play Last Train to Nibroc by Arlene Hutton. (Though the play is set in the 1940s, the festival itself only dates to 1952.)[/blockquote]

:hack: What Wikipedia fails to mention is that Nibroc was also a Jeopardy question — that made it into the Genus IV Trivial Pursuit game.

Anyway. Back to my dream.

I dreamed that a bunch of my friends and I from high school (and I’m sure I’m dreaming this because it’s time for Nibroc and becuase my reunion is in a month) were walking in downtown Lexington. We crossed Broadway from the Hyatt to the Central Bank building. I looked up and saw a sign for “Nibroc Treats”. “Oh, we have to go in there!” I was almost jumping up and down. My friends thought I’d flipped. Then again, they always have – they knows me well. So we go in, and it’s a smallish place, but there’s like tons of carnival food and down the middle there are some simple carnival games — like a ring toss, a duck race, you know the easy stuff. But in the corner by the door, a booth. Complete with the usual fire-engine red, silver, and white colors everything in Corbin “must be” – it’s Nibroc PopCorn. So I had to try some. I asked for a sample. It WAS Nibroc PopCorn! So I bought one of those ginormous buckets, and we all stood there in the shop munching and drinking ice cold Pepsis — from real glass bottles, like the kind you can’t get anymore.

There’s nothing in life like a real, ice cold Pepsi in a real, glass bottle. :swoons: