i always new midnight would be my death

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I keep finding stupid stuff – like half of a word or words out of order. LOL *Some* of it’s stuff I meant to say and never did, stuff I thought I had said and hadn’t. But yeah, the adverbs are thick in this one. :gags: I was afraid to use “had” back then, so some past tense sentences are choppy and awkward. A dangling participle or two. I was a bit gerund happy back then too. “A gerunding we will go! A gerunding we will go! Hie ho the derry o!”

The copy I’m using? I’m honestly not sure. It’s one of the last printouts Preston made for me of the story – late Fall 2005, I think. I don’t know. My saved copy, which I’ve made changes to off and on since – was a recovery I’d saved in March 2006 – and recovered in October after my hard drive crashed last September.

It’s likely a lot of the mistakes I’m finding I found already in the Word copy. I just have a hard time editing on screen and didn’t want to waste anymore of Amazon’s ink and paper for another printout when I had one sitting here. Too, I know I made more than a handful of additions and corrections to the Word document, which I come to as I’m typing this stuff up. I found a couple of places where Beth was still Amber – although I’m not sure how that happened as I’d used find/replace to change the name at one point. I’ve removed a lot of “sat thinking” and “was sitting” and “began to” and “started to” and such – cleaned up the grammar and semantics, fixed choppy sentences so that they’re more coherent and cohesive. Found a few places where I used “laid” instead of lay – I hate that verb. I never know which to use without whipping out a reference. In a few places I still had em dashes instead of — dashes. Like I just found “She went down to The Market.” No, she didn’t. “She drove.” If I see one more “just” or “only” I’m going to scream.

A lot of this is additions – scene clarifications where actions were begun but never completed or ever fully explained, or something wasn’t ever fully explained. And where I changed the date from 1995 to 1985, I’m picking out things that weren’t in Harlan in 1985 – like the flood wall project in Loyall – a lot of that stuff I did pick out of the Word document and/or changed – like the music they listened to, the cars they drove.

Some of it’s deletions – I’ve chopped out meaningless dialogue and useless extrapolation. And like I said before, stuff dealing with the the Loyall flood wall and levee.

And, because of the date change, I’m finding more and more anachronisms. Some of them I’ve left in, most I’ve been able to change into something else (ie, the music, the cars, and such).

I’m almost up to chapter six – out of fourteen. I’d forgotten, when I first started doing the reformat for Lachesis, how gods-awful long all the chapters are in this story. I had been so anal about making sure they were all between 24-26 pages. LMAO Gods above.