thomas update

Just got off the phone with Thomas. He sounds terrific. He said he’d been up walking around his room most of the day. He got his catheter out and said he should lose the rest of his IVs tomorrow. They’re thinking about discharging him Monday or Tuesday. He’s out of the scrub bottoms and hospital gown and into a t-shirt, underwear, and pajama bottoms, he said; the hospital gown baring his butt was making him “nuts”, he said. LOL

He said thank you for all the cards and letters “and stuff” everyone has sent. He said he may get another laptop back this afternoon; he requested one. And, he has “school” at three this afternoon. At least he’s only missed four days (and it’s just the beginning of the year) so he’s not so very behind; he was worried that he would be – I told him to be thankful it’s not mid-term. 😉

Will continue to keep everyone posted.