memories of reunions past

I dropped my film off at Wal-Mart Sunday afternoon. I figure I’ll pick up my cds Friday – that’s payday. I can wait a week to see my pictures. I’m not too hip on seeing the ones I took at the Falls, anyway. It was a trickle. I was so disappointed. I mean, it was still beautiful as always, but it was so low you couldn’t even hear it roaring from the horseshoe curve just below DuPont Lodge. There’s a spot in the curve where I always, always stop and roll my car windows down and sit and listen to the Falls – only yesterday there wasn’t anything to hear. 😦 I was so disgusted I took no pictures below the Falls at all – aside from the fact that I took a whole roll above and needed the other roll for the reunion…

Preston and I got to Corbin entirely too early – around one and so had a lot of time to kill. I had planned on killing a bunch of it at the Falls, but I was so upset I didn’t even walk down on the beach or spend the time at Lover’s Leap like I usually do. I used to walk down to Rebel Rock (so called because years and years ago someone painted a Rebel flag there; it’s since worn away, I believe), climb it, and sit there for hours on end. When we left, I drove us around Woodbine, although that didn’t take up too much time at all. Driving by the place where the house I grew up in no longer is was strange – both times (coming and going).

I drove us up the hill to the Perkins Cemetery. I thought Preston was going to choke when he saw the road we had to take; he flipped. But as far as gravel roads go, it was in perfect condition. No problems; it got us to the top and back to the bottom. 😉 But I did find a handful of assorted relatives – just not the two I was looking for. 🙄 I’ll have to go back there when Trev and I are down there in a couple of weeks so I can take pictures, etc. So then I drove us back around to the Missionary Baptist Church. They have two small buses now – but the outhouses were still there. I have no way of knowing if they’re still used, of course, but as old as that church is, I can’t see them getting indoor plumbing. What used to be a huge empty field when I was growing up is now a trailer park. 🙄

From there, I took us straight downtown. I parked outside The Dixie, and we went in for lunch/dinner. Preston in all the time I’ve known him had never had a Dixie dog. 🙄 So, I fixed that. It was funny. At one point, I was sitting there groaning, and our waitress walked by. She patted me on the shoulder and said, “I’ll take that as a compliment.” ROFL I’d not had a Dixie Dog since Mommy died. Of course I had a Pepsi with mine, caffeine or no caffeine. A Dixie dog just isn’t a Dixie dog without the fries and the hometown Pepsi. 😉 While we waited for our food to come to be made (I’m sure they had to hunt down and kill the fries), I ambled around the cafe to look at the pictures. I saw a lot of familiar faces and found several pictures I’d like to go back and photograph if I can remember to while Trev’s in…

After we ate, we walked down main street. On the way back to the car, I saw Peggy Collins. She drove the bus I rode to school in in 11th and 12th grades – and she’s a cousin. We stood and talked to her for the longest time. Caught up, gave her my address and such. Asked after Tim, who couldn’t make it up for the reunion.

Then, we went out to Trademark to meander around Books A Million for a while. That ate up some time, but we still had time to kill. I did find a copy of Steve Savile’s Retribution, which I bought – so now I have books 1 and 3, but not 2. :sigh: I also saw another of his books. Should have gotten it, too.

corbin redhoundFinally, early, I drove us down to the country club – which I passed up by accident the first time. I was driving by and went, “Yup, there’s the country club.” :rofl: So, we went in, changed, went back out to the car to put our stuff up and get the box of books I’d taken to sell – which I did, all the paperbacks! YAY! Inside, I just dumped us at the closest table, and we ended up staying there all night. It’s not like me to park myself up front and by the door, but I did. It worked out in many ways, though. That’s a good thing.

I can’t wait to see the group picture to see how many people we had. We had a bunch. Not as many as the tenth, but a lot more than the fifteenth. Well, we didn’t try to find a lot of people for the fifteenth, but…I didn’t know who Paul Siler was; I had to ask around. I laughed and laughed. Christie didn’t know who Laura Davis was and even told her, “I recognize you but I can’t remember your name. You’ll have to tell me who you are.” ROFL

The whole night was a blast, though. Bonnie made it down. She, Christie, Preston, and I shared a table with Jeff Wilhem and sat there talking all night until I couldn’t hardly hold my head up. I so didn’t want to leave, but we had to. We’d rented a car and didn’t book a room, so we had to miss the after party. Next time…

When we were getting ready to leave, I went around and spoke to everyone I could to let them know we were leaving and that we’d definitely see them again in five years. Many hugs were given and received – we were a huggy bunch in school and seems like it only got worse (??) with age. LOL When I stopped back at the table for the final goodbyes, when I stood up from hugging Christie, somehow I elbowed the drink Derek’s wife was carrying, freshly filled, and spilled it all down her front. :lmao: She said, “Oh honey, that’s the best I’ve felt all night.” :bwah!:

I know I’m leaving out half of everything. :beatshead