harlan, bloody harlan…

...I remember blood and rain

[from Made of Scars, by Stone Sour]

Twelve years ago today, I packed up my life and moved away. I didn’t realize it until later, but that night was also the Full Moon.

Preston refused to leave Harlan, I needed a place to go, so his parents agreed to let me move into their house – with having only met me once three years before this and going completely on memory. Preston came up, spent most of that Saturday with me and all of Sunday. He helped me pack up everything I’d not already packed; we ran stuff to goodwill and dropped it off; rented a storage unit and a U-Haul to get my things there. We spent Saturday packing and schlepping. And just like I wrote in one of the original drafts of Midnight, when we went to go to bed, we realized I’d taken down the mini-blinds and taken them to the storage unit. :lmao: So we took tacks and hung a blanket over the living room windows! :lmao:

The next day, we cleaned the apartment (not that it was “dirty” – I’m anal retentive about keeping house) and packed my life into his car – a 1990 Cavalier. After dropping off a few unneeded odds and ends at the storage unit, I drove* us to Harlan County, unlike in Midnight. 😉 I was scared to death. I wished for every drug known to mankind. I wished for alcohol. I had no idea where I was going or what I was doing.

Preston’s parents weren’t home when we got there, which was fine with me. I wasn’t up for meeting anyone at that point in time. I wanted just to crawl into a hole more than anything else. And in many ways, by moving to Harlan County that’s exactly what I’d done. As Preston had told me, and as I soon found out, Harlan is a perfect place to hide. Time moves slowly there; it’s easy to hide from everything and everyone – even yourself.

(*Preston hates to drive and only drives when he has to)