asphalt burns

Mari’s a dork, but we all knew that right? Right?! :poke: (we have a “dork game” thread at OC, but this so isn’t going there! :lmao:)

So, I went to JoBeth earlier tonight to deface sign several of their copies of Aegri Somnia. And while I got permission from the staff, while I sat there on the bench surrounded by books and making good use of my Sharpie, many people who walked by me looked at me like, “WTF is that woman doing?” :lmao: Fun times! 😀

After I left there, in the middle of traffic, I decided I needed a card. Must. Get. This. Card. I bypassed Walgreen’s and went to CVS here by the complex instead, but it was closed (they must close at six and/or sundown on Sundays), so I pushed forward to Kroger. After spending twenty minutes looking like a total flake perusing the same cards over and over, I left and went back to JoBeth. But, as I was crossing the parking lot at Kroger – and keep in mind it slopes downward, so I was walking downhill, which may or may not have been in my favor :lmao: – going back to the car, somehow all at once, I was flat on my face on the asphalt accompanied by a very loud, “Umf!” :lmao: