I was looking around some of the free MySpace graphics sites looking for some new pieces for my page and stumbled upon this

bullshitwhich of course I snagged. I wanted it here for this post and for ‘my space’. It’s apt. It’s fitting. And it does make a point. A very good one. Giving up is simply not the same as giving in.

See, there was some drama in my life from about the middle of July until the end of September. Bits and pieces carried over until around the middle of this month. I won’t go into that here; it’s not important – and it’s over anyway. Suffice it to say, I put my foot down and said, “Enough. I’m finished. It’s over.” And sometimes that’s exactly what you have to do to ever have any semblance of peace in life. And for me, peace is very important – for many reasons on many levels (I say that phrase a lot don’t I?).

But my point is behavior. Particularly ‘high school behavior’ in people who left high school behind years ago. ‘High school behavior’ is dramatic, overbearing, and immature. Petty, manipulative, irrational. Nothing more than self-serving bullshit with all the high drama Shakespeare never wrote. I could go on and on. I’ll make a short list of ‘examples’, even though we all know the type – some of us all too well:

  • making up and spreading untruths
  • lying and perpetuating lies
  • seemingly endless unprovoked provocation
  • whines and cries because everyone is always in their personal business, even though they’re the type to make sure everyone around them know all their business
  • creation of drama upon drama
  • destruction of long-standing relationships
  • making up and spreading rumors
  • protest loudly ‘I would never do that’, yet who are the very ones who do

Anyway. I think the point is made. Thing is, I grew tired of that type of behavior in high school. In the 80s. I’ll be 39 in February…Can you say it with me: “I’m over it.”

And all of this, all of this happens for no reason other than to feed these people’s overabundant egos, for the sole purpose of keeping them the center of attention. These people don’t know what to do in/with life if the spotlight isn’t always on them. Out of it, they falter on unfamiliar ground and proceed to lay the blame on those they antagonized in the first place. It’s that old high school ‘I’m better than you, and I’m going to make sure everybody knows it’ mentality.

These same people cry on the shoulders of the friends they do have that they never have any peace in their lives. Well, no wonder. Pot meet kettle much? (Haven’t I had this conversation recently?!) Yet if anyone dare step forward and explain in clear, concise language exactly what the problem is and where it lies, then those with the issues balk. They grow infuriated. All hell breaks loose. Everyone around them is ‘mean’, ‘spiteful’, the world is against them, their life is over, and on and on, ad nauseum.

This is why I declared my MySpace a ‘drama free zone’. So now, BMJ is also a ‘drama free zone’. And I’m doing my best to make my life a ‘drama free zone’.

F*ck Them