on writing productively

Angela Booth has posted Five tips for writing productively: up your word count today.

If you’re not as productive a writer as you’d like to be, there are two main reasons: you’re not compartmentalizing, and you lack processes.

The ability to compartmentalize is a must-have skill for a writer, and you can develop it easily enough.

I like her #3:

3. Separate writing from editing…Editing has no part in the creation part of the writing process at all.

I do agree with her that editing instead of writing is a bad, bad habit and one that’s very difficult to break. Over-editing is one of the reasons it took me so long to finish Midnight. I started the book in October 1996. It took me until 2002 to get beyond chapter two. Granted, the book was shelved for a long time (until 2000? 2001?), but even so I kept writing and rewriting chapters one and two over and over, ad nauseum. I shelved it mostly because I never got anywhere (and at some point I’d actually forgotten about it. :blush:)