an adventure on a rainy day

Preston and I decided early last week that we’d get up today, catch a bus, and go get our hair cut and tool around downtown together for a while. Thing was, we weren’t counting on 45* temperatures and rain pouring out of the sky (where was all this rain when we needed it back in July?). We went anyway. We bundled into raincoats, grabbed our bumbershoots, and slogged up the hill to the inbound bus stop. As the bus that runs on our street doubles back to the street we needed to be on, we didn’t have to transfer (on either trip). Due to the lovely weather, we nixed the idea of running around downtown, but we did have a good tour of Regency Centre.

Preston had his hair cut first, and I read a copy of Elle (:gag: btw) while I waited. My turn came. Let me tell you, if you want a good haircut, find the nearest male, gay hairdresser. This guy is awesome, and he loves my hair. He chastised me (lots of ‘honey’ and ‘baby’ thrown in) for using the Tresemme when I couldn’t get to Sally Hansen for the Paul Mitchell I love (which my hair craves), but agreed with me that the damage wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. He cut a bit more than I wanted, but it’d been a while since I’d been in for a trim – since just before Apex Day back in September in fact :foot:. We didn’t touch my bangs. I figured since they’re growing well and laying well and seem to be tame (watch after I’ve said this, they’ll be wild tomorrow :warped: ), I’d just leave them alone and let them grow again. He also agreed with me that exactly what I needed was one or two more curls. 😉 He also agreed with me that I should never for any reason cut my hair any shorter than it is now – talk about looking like a mop top!

After we left Great Clips, we crossed the street while trying to figure out where we wanted to have lunch. We ducked into Pet Supermarket to pick up a treat for Miss Kitty, who ended up getting a new mouse (a dalmatian mouse, which if you’ve ever seen The Royal Tenenbaums is fucking hilarious) and a package of salmon flavored feline Greenies. Then, we stood on the sidewalk trying to figure out where we wanted to eat. I’ve been craving Chinese; it’d been a long time. So we decided to cross Nicholasville Road and slog through the rain to Chinatown Buffet – which was closed when we got there. So then I said I hadn’t had a cheeseburger in an age and why don’t we go to Rally’s? We bypassed Rally’s for A&W (Preston chose the Long John Silver’s side).

I went into the restroom at one point and stood there dying laughing when I saw myself in the mirror. I looked like a Raggedy Anne doll. Thanks to the haircut, thanks to the humidity, thanks to the walk in the wind and the rain – I looked like I’d been put through it. :lmao: I told Preston I felt like I had one giant curl on top of my head.

Of course when we got home, Miss Kitty was emaciated, hadn’t been fed or petted or loved for months on end, and was on the verge of calling in the ASPCA. Poor thing. 🙄

Pretty good day all in all. Uneventful. Those are the best kinds of Mondays. Even with the rain.