writing again

I’ve finally started writing again! :banana: I’ve honestly not written much of anything since mid-June. But Michael started whispering in my ear late last week and wouldn’t leave me alone, so I started putting pen to paper over the weekend and by the time I went to bed last night, I had 3200 words after I typed them all up along with my scattered notes. I’m going to try to write a majority of this at the laptop and see how that goes; I’m still learning in that department and still have a long way to go, I think.

I finished up all the work, the line edits, on Heir some time ago and am now typing them all in. Never do 400 pages worth of edits then type them up! :warped: On the other hand, the further I get through Heir again, the more eager I am to work on Elders, and I know Elders needs some work. I was so bored with the entire Devon family by the time I got this far. I questioned writing it, but the plot – such as my plots ever are – wouldn’t leave me alone until I did. So I did. I’m hoping I can iron out most of the kinks when I go through it again this time.

I’m also hoping that through writing Michael’s story and doing the edits on Elders I’ll find the threads of Daybreak and will be able to pick it up and finish it.

And for those who want to know what my edits look like, here’s a peek. And this is a calm, tame example, honestly. Chapters four and five were editing wrecks. I was able to sit down and completely rework both of those for the better. I should have scanned in the wrecks those pages were after I took the inkpen to them!

heir edits