christmas memory

I was telling Thomas this one on the phone the other night, and we laughed ourselves silly.

Christmas 1993, I drove down to pick Thomas and Tayler up for their two weeks of Christmas with me. We stopped at the brand new Danville Wal-Mart Supercenter to poke around, pick up a few more things for them for Christmas and things they needed while they were with me. They were little then; Thomas had just turned 4, and Tayler had turned 2 in the Spring. So, I’d dumped them into a shopping cart – no way was I walking across the lot with those two hooligans – Thomas was in the basket, Tayler in the “kiddie seat”. We crossed the way and went up on the sidewalk.

Now the way this Wal-Mart and it’s “out front” was designed, there was like 20′ of side walk between the roadway and the building. We’re walking down through there toward the doors, and a woman is walking a bit behind us, and Tayler goes, “Mommy, are those great big alligators going to eat us?” I was like, “What honey?” I looked at Thomas and he looked at me like, ‘I dunno’. Tayler said, “Mommy, are those great big alligators going to eat us?” The lady behind us almost burst out laughing and caught herself. “What alligators, Tayler?” And he pointed to the wall. To these tall, green pointy things wrapped in wire and propped against the wall. “Phillip Tayler, those are Christmas trees!” “Oh.”

We all four were :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: