2007 metrics

Last January, I set my writing goal for the year to 150 thousand words. By the middle of July, I had almost reached 130 thousand, but with everything that was going on at that point in time, I both had to drop a lot of things and had to put a lot of other things on hold.

Also by then, I was positive I wanted to submit Midnight to Lachesis when they reopened for submissions on the first of September. To do this, I had to set aside the writing work on Daybreak in order to give the Midnight manuscript the attention it needed, which in the long run resulted in a much stronger, more coherent story.

I readjusted my writing goal to 130 thousand words.

After I finished and subbed Midnight, I set in on the same work with Heir. But as a result, I wrote nothing new between July 24th and December 8th, at least not outside of the additions and corrections I made to those two stories.

By the beginning of December, Michael’s story was niggling at me so badly, I couldn’t hardly think about anything else. So I shelved the idea of working on Elders in order to do much-needed research for “Michael and Laurel’s Story”. I have to say I’ve had a blast researching the 50s and 60s, collecting music, looking at clothing and hairstyles – and the cars! What a real hoot!

December 9th, I started writing. Between then and December 31st, my word count jumped from 120,840 to 134,041. I reached 100.5% of my 130 thousand word writing goal on December 25th, coming in with 130,588 words total for the year.

And, as of yesterday, “Michael and Laurel’s Story” has a title! Twilight.

-» Midnight: 109,108
-» Heir: 108,783
-» Elders: 108,978
-» Daybreak: 120,840
-» Twilight: 10,724