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Okay, am back from Cincinnati, and I’m afraid I don’t have good news.

The virus Thomas has is called CMV – Cytomegalovirus – and I’ve provided links below about what this intails. He’s been on medications for this and is going to get more starting in the morning as well as a blood draw to find out exactly how much of the virus there still is in his system.

We also got the results of his biopsy this morning not long after we got there. Dr Goebel came in to deliver the news himself. And it wasn’t the good news we’d all hoped for. The kidney is showing signs of rejection. Now, he said that he doesn’t know if the rejection is there becase of the CMV or because it’s there because it’s there. He’ll be starting another round of prednisone and a new antirejection drug in the morning; he’s been on Cyclosporin since his transplant, but will be dropping off of it. And of course I can’t find the link today for the drug he’s going on, but it’s brand new.

Dr Goebel is one of those doctors who’s very frank. If your thumb is going to turn black and fall off on Tuesday, he looks you in the eyes and says, “Your thumb is going to turn black and fall of on Tuesday.” Which, is as it should be. And we love him for it. But he delivered all this news directly to Thomas, like he does, including the following, the bad news.

CMV can kill a healthy person. Dr Goebel said that worse case scenario, the virus could kill Thomas if it’s not taken care of and gotten out of his system. The best outcome of all of this is that the kidney rejects and he goes on dialysis.

So that’s where we are.

More news when I have news.

Kathy and I didn’t stay in Cincinnati (obviously), btw. But it’s possible we could be out of here like a shot if need be. So if I suddenly disappear for a time, that’s why.

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