it’s that time again: “what not to do when submitting stories”

Time for another round of “What not to do when submitting stories”, in re to this post.

  • Poor grammar and spelling in cover letter – Self-explanatory. Or should be.
  • Poor manuscript editing – This never fails to amaze me. Poor spelling and poor grammar within the submission itself. Point of view switches. Verb tense switches.
  • Strength of writing – A story is more than just endless, unattributed dialogue.
  • Lack of interest – If a story fails to grab my attention and hold it beyond the end of the second paragraph, it’s outta there. Any story has to contain a certain je ne sais quoi before I’ll read the entire piece.
  • Lack of either horror or sci-fi element – This probably is my biggest peeve. Apex isn’t an erotica magazine. Nor is it a fantasy magazine. At the same time, neither is it straight horror nor science-fiction. We like our sci-fi dark, tinged and sometimes dripping in horror. We like our horror tinged and sometimes dripping in dark sci-fi. Simple!*
  • Vampires or Werewolves – Apex doesn’t print these types of stories.

That’s all I have for today. I think. I’m still slushing, so we’ll see! 😉

* occasionally we’ll buy an exceptional work of straight sci-fi (see “Allergies” in issue one) or straight dark fantasy (see “Trees of Bone” in issue three).