favorite phrase

[disclaimer: this is an excerpt of my fifth Harlan Vampires Series story (the prequel) and may contain spoilers if you’ve not read any of the other]

Favorite Phrase of the Day:

…He left his chair and stood with her, the white noise still ‘playing’ on the radio sitting on the windowsill behind the sink in the next room. She raised her arms to him, and yet again he was struck by how small she was. He wondered if that was part of the reason he was so overprotective of her. Despite this, though she was small in stature, he knew she was far from being a small person. As he held her, the only tune that came to mind was All I Have to do is Dream, which gave him a small chuckle. He hummed the melody.

“The Everly Brothers?” she giggled, the quiet laughter filling the apartment.

“Is there something wrong with the Everly Brothers?”

“You just don’t seem like the Everly Brothers type.”

Laughing, he lifted her by the waist and spun them around. Shocked, she threw her arms around his neck and squealed. “Sshhh!” he cautioned. “It’s late.” The way they held each other left her dangling, but neither seemed to care. In fact, she squirmed around in his arms to find a more comfortable location and position. Her knees pressed against his hips, her face against his neck. Her breath tickled his skin. He held her closer, tighter, and swayed, moving them around the living room in a disorganized dance. Gigging again, she began singing Ricky Nelson’s It’s Late. She had a beautiful singing voice, even when muted, and Michael could have listened to her for days on end. In fact, in her he found the one person who could make him happy by just reading a telephone directory aloud because her doing so meant he could hear her voice. On nothing but pure emotional impulse, he said, “Stay with me.”…

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