fun / funny things happen when you go to the beach

[x-posted from OC from post made late last night]

I said I’d never worked with the Sea Queen aspect of tM*. I went to the beach today. Well guess what happened?! 🙄

I have an inexpensive necklace I wear all the time (since August). I bought it at Hot Topic because when I saw it, it reminded me of the teenaged daughter of my main character. It really looks more like a charm bracelet due to the ‘trinkets’ on it, but it reminded me so much of Destiny I had to have it. $9.97 on the price tag, get to the counter and it’s half off. Kismet? Back home, I infused it with as much as my own inherent energy as I could, and like I said, I wear it all the time. When Trev and I had our “Harlan County tour” in September, of course I wore it – for myself as much as for Destiny – and in key places in / around the county, I infused it with the energy of those places. (It fairly throbs these days)

I don’t generally wear jewelery in the heat or humidity – necklaces and bracelets make me sweat, and my fingers swell making my rings unbearable. But as I was getting dressed ‘something’ told me to wear my necklace. So I did.

So while I was standing there knee deep in the surf, I was told to wash the necklace in the water – three ins, three outs. So I did. And what else happens? I end up rededicating myself to tM on the spot!

I’m still kinda wheeeeee, and we’ve been home almost four hours now…

[addendum: I failed to mention that on the way home last night, just after we left the beach, we drove by a tree with a big fat crow in it – and a beautiful white heron standing at the bottom. I wonder what’s in store for me now? :scratch:]

*tm – The Morrígan.