geoffrey girard on apex digest

Yoinked from the Apex Digest blog:

Girard is in my headOver at the new Apex forums, Geoffrey Girard (author of the CAIN XP11 serialization) sums up Apex Digest better than I’ve ever been able to in four years.

“…I actually think issue 11 is VERY APEX and has plenty of horror. Hell, my tale ALONE had: genetic monsters, dissected girls, systematic child abuse, fetus tossing, teenage spree killing, two brutal stabbings, adult nightmares, famous serial killers, ghosts, evil scientists, an abduction, and a haunted mine. Ok, so I couldn’t figure out how to fit a vampire in. ; ) In short, none of the tales in APEX would work if you took out the sci-fi or horror. They can’t stand alone in the one genre. “Uncanny” is a truly dark and disturbing short tale, but only it works with the science. “Ray Gun” and “Moldy Dead” start with a sci-fi premise but get “Bradbury-October Country” dark in a real hurry. They’re brutal tales of spiraling murder, made possible only with the sci-fi. “Spinnetje” could be any Leisure Book possession tale, but it’s a demon of science… In the beginning, APEX rejected two or three stories of mine for being lovely but “not APEX enough.” So, I kept reading what APEX was doing and tried again. I thought one was perfect, and they said NO. I thought one was borderline, and it’ll appear next issue (after being bought 18 months ago)! The Cain series was pitched on the spot to Jason based on an idea I’d had on the way down to an APEX event. I literally started from the idea of: “What would be the coolest, most interesting blend of science and horror for APEX magazine?” with no other market or goal in mind. It was a worthwhile exercise.”

Thank you, Mr. Girard.

FWIW, we bought the story right before he pitched CAIN to me, and decided to run CAIN before the story since Steve Savile’s TEMPLE series had just completed. Thus the 18 month lead time.Today 04:48 PM