favorite phrase

[disclaimer: this is an excerpt of Twilight and may contain spoilers if you’ve not read any of the prior four books]

Favorite Phrase of the Day

…”How about we have some milk, okay?” She nodded and raised her arms to him. He carried her like a newborn down to the kitchen where he sat her on the counter while he measured into a pot on the stove equal parts of enough milk and honey for both of them. Sami picked up the heavy Mason jar of honey and licked off the honey he had spilled. He laughed at her. “Does that taste good?”

She gave her head a vigorous shake. “It’s yucky.” She made a face and set the jar back on the counter.

“Then maybe you shouldn’t go around licking things.” He stirred the milk and honey to keep it from sticking. While he stirred, he infused it with enough calming energy to send them both back to sleep.

“Like Aunt Pen’s kitty?”

“Exactly like Aunt Pen’s kitty.” Michael bit the insides of his lips to keep from laughing again. During a quick visit to Penelope’s house, the child had licked poor Buster, Penelope’s outside ‘farm cat’. And this had been a near disaster as neither Michael nor Penelope had been quite sure how to remove the copious amounts of cat hair from Sami’s tongue. Buster hadn’t trusted Sami since…

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