harlan county

Finally found a free place to host my pictures – Snapfish by HP. I ran out of space at Flickr last Summer, unfortunately, and just haven’t made the move to paid. Until I do, you can view my pictures here:

Mari’s 2007 Snapfish Photo AlbumsThe only downfall is that the albums aren’t equipped with social bookmarking or RSS feeds. 😦

[edited 10am Saturday to add: Another downfall: My albums aren’t viewable to anyone who doesn’t have a Snapfish account. This sucks major rocks. Anybody know if any good, unlimited, free photo hosting sites? (Photobucket doesn’t count, imho, but it’s looking more and more like I’m going to have to go that route)]

[edited 4pm Saturday to add: Am looking at Google’s Picassa now…Will see how that works. They have just over 1gig of storage, so I’ll see.]