upcoming reviews

Some of you know that I recently took a position doing book reviews for Sci-Fi Dimensions. I’ll be reviewing books and comics. I’ve never reviewed comics before, so this is going to be interesting ground!

In the past, I’ve also done book reviews for Apex Online – which unfortunately we’ve scaled back. However, I’ve also recently started posting reviews to my blog, as well. What I’m going to do is instead of posting them the way I did before, I’m going to start using my previous Apex template – a professional review as opposed to an “ordinary blog review”.

Here’s what’s up and coming in order of release:

SciFi Dimensions

Death’s Head: Maximum Offense – David Gunn
The Next Fix – Matt Wallace
Mind the Gap – Christopher Golden & Tim Lebbon

My Blog (or for the author / or both)

Inferno – Ellen Datlow
Keepers of the Dead – Bob Freeman*
Generation Dead – Dan Waters
Meat – Joseph D’Lacy
CodeSpell – Kelly McCullough
Vampire Apocalypse – Derek Gunn [book two]**
Life Sentence – Kim Paffenroth**
The Forgotten Disturbed – TL Trevaskis


MythOS – Kelly McCullough

*waiting on word from Bob/Black Death Books for this one. waiting on pins and needles!!
** fall release. no date given yet.

Am also almost finished with Regina Lynn’s Sexier Sex and am very much considering a review of that for a number of reasons. 😉