it’s been nine years

Sunday, May 18th nine years ago was a Tuesday, and the house we were living in was packed floor to ceiling with boxes and broken down furniture. We were tired, grubby, and cranky. The cat, whose person was my father-in-law, was confused. And we all just wanted it all over and done with.

Preston and I had gone down several days before to rent a U-Haul for the move and had been collecting boxes and packing for at least three weeks at that point – after six months of apartment and job searching.

The next morning, we got up and drove out to the U-Haul rental to pick up the truck where we learned the brakes had failed on the truck we had reserved – but they gave us a twenty-six footer in its stead. We ran up to Dream Furniture to tell a friend we were on our way out. This is where I had bought my oh-so-comfy bed at the end of January.

I drove monstrosity of a U-Haul along the winding narrow way to near Mary Helen to pick up Elmer and his things. And rammed into a street-side basketball goal in the process – I had misjudged the height of the truck and should have known better. But I told myself that’s “what they got” for facing the goal into the road in the first place. lol

So we got Elmer’s things stowed into the truck and drove back along the winding narrow way, through Harlan, then on down into Loyall to pack up our things from the house. When we were almost finished, Preston asked if he could go on and drive up to the apartment in Lexington, get the keys, do the walk-through with the manager, and so forth. We waved him on and watched him leave. Elmer and I heaved the final loads into the U-Haul and headed out ourselves.

But just as we got near Wallins, I remembered – luckily – that I had left my bed supports on the front porch. So we had to turn around and go get them. Hey, at least I remembered before we left the county, or worse! 😀 In Corbin, I pulled onto I-75 North, and off we went. Driving that monster truck not even anywhere near half full of furniture at highway speeds on such an open road definitely was an adventure. Elmer and I had to stop in Richmond to empty out my storage unit and cancel that account. In a way, it was a little sad. :chuckle:

In Lexington, I pulled up out front of our townhouse, and Elmer and I went in to find Preston and see what we needed to do. Preston was sitting downstairs in the living room bored to tears waiting on us. He’d forgotten about us having to stop in Richmond and that taking time. Although we all had a good laugh over me leaving the bed supports in Loyall. 😀

After we tired out, we ordered pizza and hung out in the living room on the floor – we had no living room furniture at that point outside of an end table that was used to support the TV. 🙂

We had a good day. It’s hard to believe that was nine years ago today.

So what did we do to celebrate? Today, Preston and I went to see Prince Caspian and when we got home, ordered pizza. 😀