help anthology coming

Anthology containing a reprint of my short story “Meetings”. Received this e-mail from Eric Enck yesterday ::

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to take some time out and let everyone know, that “HELP” will be available for sale on Saturday, May 24th. The anthology is completed. The cover is finished. We are just waiting for the announcement that it is available for sale.

The book will be available on Amazon. It won’t register on Amazon for one to two weeks from this Saturday. It will be available direct to purchase straight from LuLu until then.

I know LuLu isn’t the best printer for something like this. However, it is the most cost effective, since all the money made will go directly to Preditors & Editors. There wasn’t any publisher who could’ve put this out on time.

The only money spent went towards registering the book on Amazon. It was paid for by Mr. Enck.

There has been a waiting list (so to speak) of 65 people so far that are waiting to purchase the anthology. We will also be sending out newsletters and flyers in the mail for folks who have been waiting to purchase the book.

There is a few independent stores that will be carrying the book. Atlantic Books ( East Coast) and Walden Books ( Delaware) We are working on more.

Thank you to everyone for hanging in there with us!

Craig Phillips ( Editorial)
Mike Bloom ( copy editing/ design)