it’s a done deal

So Monday on the way to see Hancock, while Preston was doing what he needed to do at Thornton’s, I walked to the complex we’re moving to and dropped off our deposit, applications, and application fees. The manager called yesterday saying we had been “conditionally approved”, meaning one of us had a bad credit mark, and the complex required an extra deposit.

I had Preston bring home a request form so I could request a copy of my credit report (he’s seen his recently; me not so much, and after the fuck up with my debit card* when we moved here at the end of May 2005, I’m kinda paranoid about my debit card). I just need to go down to the office and get a photocopy of my driver’s license before I can mail the request form off.

We’re going out to see Hellboy2 Monday, and I need a haircut. But on the way out, we’ll go over and drop off the extra deposit. When I was there this week, I filled out some forms and signed some stuff; Preston needs to add his signature to that stuff, as well.

We already know our address and apartment number. (I’ll send this out to folks the week we move to avoid confusion – for one thing, the street addresses are very similar!)

Friend of ours called yesterday wanting to know if we needed more boxes. Yes, yes, and yes. As many as we can get. Tons. All of them!

And this morning I called a moving company for a rate quote, which wasn’t bad at all; I’m impressed. I’ll call them back to schedule an appointment just as soon as we get everything cleared on Monday.

So either 7 weeks from today or tomorrow, we’ll be outta here and into the new place. Move in day, we pay the first month’s rent and the deposit on Miss Kitty Thing.

I just dread moving ter kitteh. Maybe I can slip one of the moving men a fiver to let her ride in her carrier in the floorboard at his feet…(I really don’t want to walk her across the street carrying that thing; it’s not that far, but she doesn’t travel well, and we live on a busy street)

* that was fun. not. but i know i’ll never be using U-haul again – for anything.


I forgot to mention that I got us a deal on the rent, too, Monday.

She said they’d implemented a special since we’d gone in last – so I’m glad we’d waited to turn in our applications! We could either take the first month free or spread that out over the year’s lease. While taking the first month free would have moved us in, and then some, I thought that taking the year would help us out more in the long run, so I took that. And wow. Yes. Instead of $610 a month, we’ll be paying $560 a month – including Miss Kitty’s $10 rent.