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From: Miranda Ram [mailto:MirandaR@KIDNEY.ORG]
Subject: Congratulations People Like Us!

Dear NKF “People Like Us” Member:

I am very pleased to let you know that some very significant kidney-related legislation, including a measure to provide education about different treatment options before patients begin dialysis (commonly referred to as “pre-dialysis education”), passed in the United States Senate on Wednesday!

Since 2002, the NKF has been advocating for Medicare to provide pre-dialysis education to ensure that patients and families have as much information as possible about all their treatment options in order to make the best decisions for them. This victory would not have been possible without all the telephone calls, e-mails, and visits to the U.S. Congress by you – the NKF “People Like Us” patient advocates! Your involvement in this effort was extremely important and we thank you for your commitment and hard work.

The passage of this bill shows the power of “People Like Us” and proves your voice really makes a difference on Capitol Hill. Let’s continue our goodwill by sending a letter thanking your Members of Congress for passing this legislation. This can be done easily online by following the directions at

Thank you again for your hard work and dedication, and congratulations for making “People Like Us” both successful and powerful!

Tracy Fortson
Managing Director, Constituent Services
National Kidney Foundation

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