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Phase 3 of Global Domination is now in effect
July 13th, 2008

By now you’re all familiar with the Global Domination plan. You know it’s about more than coffee mugs and shot glasses and the occasional recruitment of minions to the cause.

It’s about stories. Dark science fiction. That’s why we’re here.

You all know Phase 1: Create a quality science fiction magazine that attracts talented authors and seeps into the public through major retail stores.

You’re aware of Phase 2: Develop a book line that almost immediately gathers a Bram Stoker Award nomination and continues to attract and promote talented, award-winning authors with unique voices.

Now it’s time to unveil Phase 3. Buckle up, kiddies, we’ve gone pro.

Deena Warner, our talented not-so-secret weapon, has been busily renovating Apex Online. This is where Apex Digest lives now. In print, we’ve managed to grow steadily…but very slowly…into semi-pro rates. I’ve done a lot of looking around, a lot of thinking, and a lot of talking to people who know some stuff. Pro rates matter. Easy to access content matters. It’s all about the stories. That’s why we’re here, and why “here” is now online.

I know I spoke of this move before from an emotional standpoint. I received some support from the people on this blog, and I appreciate that. Frankly, I didn’t want to let go of the print version. But I’ve moved from going with my gut to going with sound business practice, and that lead directly to Phase 3. What is the Internet for, if not free fiction? Free science fiction.

This step means more money for authors, more time for some of the staff, and the magazine is free to the readers. Yes, it also means less money for the USPS, and I’m happy about that, too. We’ll still bring you quality stories. Our selection and editing process is the same. Our guidelines have been updated to reflect new pay rates and word count. A letter will be sent out to our subscribers shortly so they know what their options are. We will still be bringing you books in print on a regular basis; our next set of releases comes out this fall, beginning with Michael Burstein’s I Remember the Future. Phase 3 is still just the beginning of Apex Global Domination.

I want to thank you all for joining us for the first two phases. Welcome to Phase 3. Your world is in our hands.

Jason B. Sizemore